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Fashion photo sampleCarole has spent the past 30 years designing her own line of clothing for women.  As a tall woman, she learned at an early age to make her own clothing, so upon adventuring out on her own, she started her own clothing design company.

During those years, she learned a tremendous amount about the fashion industry, which included sourcing fabrics and notions.  As well as learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry, when it comes to trade shows, marketing techniques, quality control and many other components as the administrator of a Made in the USA company.

She has closed that phase of her business life and is now setting out to design or find Art to Wear fashionable items.  She has a good eye for the littlest details and those unique touches that would inspire compliments and also make you feel special.  They may even spark a conversation, which she hopes they do.

We hope you enjoy taking a look at what she designs or finds on her travels from different destinations around the world.

Fashions to be available soon.

Free shipping for orders of $100 and more within the United States and Canada.