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Baubles, Beads, Crystals, Ribbons, Bows, and textures of all kinds.

Jewelry offers a feast for the simplest styles.  Whether it’s the Turquoise mines of the Southwest, the Pearls of the South Pacific, the Lapis of the Ancient Civilizations , the Venetian glass beads, the Balinese wooden beads, or the African trading beads from long ago.  I am always fascinated by the history, the hands that may have lovingly created the jeweled parts or the colors that dazzle your eyes to make a simple garment ornate.  Only because of a strand of beads or a fascinating pair of earrings.

So, if you like adornment as much as I do, let’s travel together to some destinations of the world.  By doing that, I can bring the world to your fingertips and you can adorn yourself with beauty from far away.

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